The first Social Game for sports betting.
Follow and copy the ever best bettors!
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The project
Do as the best do and become
the king of sports betting.
Nextwin is the first social game for sports betting. A platform that enables the user to enter a community made only of sports betting fanatics. You can follow them and imitate the best betting slips. Every user is given the chance to participate in several competitions, obtain virtual credit and win real prizes through a gaming system that will evaluate their own performances.
Have fun!
It's a game...
More than just a game. This is why a giant on betting like SNAI has decided to launch its competitions on Nextwin, raising really important wins.
Live feed
Nextwin is not only a virtual game. Its live feed system is in fact capable of serving as a tool to monitor the slips' progress played outside the platform.
Analyse the game
The secret that makes Nextwin a fascinating platform is the possibility of tracking our everyday performance on wagers and the progress we've made.
A winner's bet
Nextwin's app is one of the best mobile products developed in Pane&Design. A mixture of technology and UX that lets thousands of users enjoy a one of a kind experience.
We have been dealing with the planning and design of the new framework for Nextwin
This is the technological combination that we have selected to develop the project, as well as a server infrastructure based on AWS.
Platform & Mobile App
The first social game for sports betting fans.